Attention-grabbing, easy to understand, convenient and wildly popular, videos are a modern marketer’s dream medium.  So what prevents so many smart businesses from using this all-in-one marketing tool?

One answer we hear frequently?  Money.  Some say it costs too much to make a video, others that videos cost too much to promote effectively.

While modern technology disproves the first misconception, Google is now helping to dispell the second.  Launched publicly in late April, Google AdWords for Video is making video promotion available, affordable and measurable for all.

AdWords for Video works similarly on YouTube to paid search advertising on Google, using keywords to determine which videos appear against YouTube searches.   Advertisers can now target their video audience as well as track and analyze their video metrics. By offering these additional tools to reach the right audience and measure the results, Google is amplifying the organic search value of video with complementary support for outbound video marketing efforts on the web.

Most significantly, Google AdWords for Video offers marketers an affordable way to promote their videos, no matter how small their budget.  With “TrueView” video ads, as Google is calling them, advertisers only pay when a viewer actually watches their video.  For in-stream ads, this means a video must be watched for a minimum of 30 seconds (or the full length of the video, if less than 30 seconds in total).  For ad forms such as in-slate, in-search and in-display ads on YouTube, the video must be chosen by the viewer.   Now your return on high-quality videos can be extended even further through a low-cost, highly targeted viewer acquisition platform, one that we know from the combined success of AdWords and the mass appeal of video works.

So when you think about video, don’t let cost put you off.  Think about all the ways you can leverage that investment in quality video – from your website to email to events to social media, and now including paid search specifically for video in the form of AdWords for Video.

Click HERE to read Google’s announcement of AdWords for Video on their YouTube blog.