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“Meet Tim.”

Creative people have many virtues – intelligence, energy, playfulness as well as discipline, imagination and exceptional passion – patience, however, is not usually one of them. That’s why Signiant was eager to introduce a personal version of MediaShuttle, their high-speed file transfer software for media professionals. These professionals rely heavily on media transfer technology and require it to be simultaneously quick, easy and reliable. Similar expectations were placed on MK3 when Signiant approached us with only two months until the launch of the new version of the MediaShuttle software, looking for both strategic and creative guidance to get their new product off to a fast start.

To develop a new position for the product, we first rebuilt the MediaShuttle product pages on Signiant’s corporate website, adapting the product voice and messaging to give it an edge that appeals to media professionals – a notoriously discerning audience. We then supplemented those product pages with an unusual introductory video, knowing that presenting information in a captivating and unique way, while always important, was especially necessary for this video-savvy audience.

The video brings the MediaShuttle software to life with a distinctive, modern tone that animates its technical features with a live actor – Tim – and uses a very non-corporate voice. Through the humor and attitude of this free-wheeling video, we highlighted the three primary benefits of the MediaShuttle software: speed, security and simplicity.

Our team at MK3 was thrilled with the final results, and so were our creative counterparts at Signiant. In only two months, we helped Signiant create their online launch strategy, designed and wrote copy for the new MediaShuttle web pages and free product trial, and conceived and delivered a singular product identity video. Together, Signiant and MK3 made great collaborative partners, willing to take a more off-beat approach to turn a professional tool into something remarkable.

Click HERE to see Signiant MediaShuttle’s web page (and don’t forget to check out the video on the landing page while you’re there!).

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The Nutter Challenge

Recently, MK3 created an identity video for the Boston law firm Nutter McClennen & Fish, a prominent mid-sized law firm founded in Boston in 1879 by future Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis. We are pleased to announce that it is now featured on their website!

When Nutter first approached MK3 to make this video, they had a specific challenge outlined: Make a video that conveys the special attributes of the firm’s culture, values and performance in a fresh, authentic and engaging way. On top of that, the video needed to speak to a wide variety of audiences – individual and corporate clients and prospective clients, other lawyers, potential recruits and interns – and communicate the unique qualities of the firm relevant to each.

Through our initial discussions with a diverse Nutter team, we quickly realized that their greatest assets were their highly talented, personable and committed attorneys. So we decided to show, rather than tell, what Nutter is all about. Our goal was to present the lawyers as both highly-skilled professionals and as people, showcasing individuals to avoid the impersonal feeling that typically pervades corporate videos while also conveying the professionalism that has earned Nutter its great reputation.

To do so, we conducted multiple staff interviews to construct a multi-faceted view of the many special qualities that have made Nutter so successful. We spent a lot of time in advance of the shoot itself with the Nutter team distilling those unique firm qualities into a collection of interview questions. It was those interview questions, posed to 17 Nutter attorneys in individual 30-minute interviews conducted over two days, which enabled us to reveal Nutter’s “core story” and capture the real feel of the firm.

Thanks to some great collaboration between Nutter and MK3- from brainstorming to planning to shooting to post-production – we were able to create a rich, honest and very “real” portrait of a Boston law firm with an illustrious tradition and reputation, in a non-traditional way.

Follow this link to view “The Nutter Lawyer” video on Nutter McClennen & Fish’s website.

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