The script called for the look of a city loft: High ceilings, city view and open space. Sounds fairly easy, right? Well, not quite…

Imagine a cast and crew of 24 maneuvering around limited parking, a tough load-in and tight spaces to shoot inside a 2-bedroom loft in the city. Needless to say, this can become rather difficult. So we opted for an entirely different approach – shooting in a large, easy-to-access contemporary house out in the suburbs.


Shooting in a suburban house provided us with the space and flexibility that we wouldn’t have had otherwise but also meant that we would need to edit in post to make the look believable. Our first step in transforming the house was to track a photo of a city building in the window frames of the house. To further sell the look, we shot the scene at night so that the windows were black and reflective. We also kept the woman’s reflection and many of the interior reflective lights from the actual shot in the window to preserve the perspective and distance. This was key to making it look real. We didn’t have to chroma-key the windows but did some simple rotoscoping as the woman crossed the windows. After a few finishing touches, you’d be hard pressed to say that she wasn’t in a city loft.

Take a look at these before and after shots and tell us if you’re convinced!