When you’re competing for students with numerous respected local colleges and universities, your website is critical. It has to impress and engage prospective students and their guardians, while serving current students, faculty, administration, alumni, and the local community.

Fitchburg State University has been steadily raising its game over the last decade, with innovative programs, high-quality students and faculty, and dramatic improvements to its campus. They had a comprehensive website featuring video on their homepage, but it was densely informational and visually conservative. Further, their key messages lacked emotional impact and clear calls to action. They came to MK3 for help.

We tackled the challenge by focusing first on better messaging. We created a two-pronged messaging platform: 1) communicating the school’s practical benefits (left brain), and 2) sharing strong community stories (right brain). The practical benefits included quality, affordability, and career development, while the stories conveyed the sense of opportunity, student support, and committed community that define Fitchburg State.

Leading with stories, showcasing the campus, and energizing interaction became the cornerstones of our website redesign. As part of the redesign we:

  • simplified the information architecture by adding prominent medallions and menu bars to quickly guide different visitor types to their foremost interests.
  • incorporated large, friendly call-to-action buttons throughout the site.
  • updated the imagery, style, and feel of the site to reflect the beauty of the campus and the energy of the community, allowing prospective students to imagine their lives at Fitchburg.

Take a look at the “before” and “after” screenshots of the website, and then head on over to the new Fitchburg website to explore more. (It just went live this month!)