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re-imagine your website

Enjoy a discussion with the Brainshark marketing team on the MK3 re-design of their corporate website. We re-imagined their site so that prospects and customers would better understand their product and its uses.  We accomplished this through collaboration and visual story-telling.  Take a moment to listen to our clients…because when it comes right down to it, that’s what we do best.

Visit the Brainshark Inc. website at www.brainshark.com

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Inside a Brand Relaunch: Creating the Differentiators

Could your brand use a boost? Learn how the team from MK3 Creative and Jeff Bonasia, formerly of Dunkin Donuts and Burger King, jump-started a fast casual franchise brand.

UFood Grill has a great brand concept – delicious, healthy fast food. In the face of America’s obesity epidemic, convenient comfort food that’s nutritious and delicious is a powerful story. But that story was not reaching consumers, and the customer experience of UFood Grill was not clear and consistent. The company needed to enhance the quality and reach of the brand within a budget that ruled out broadcast media.

In order to relaunch the brand, our strategy began by redefining and amplifying the brand’s competitive position, key benefits and mission. The new brand profile was then brought to life with a new look and new set of core messages, both online and offline. Online, it entailed a new website with high-quality video and social media support. Offline, the key was disciplined in-store application of the Zone Approach, with redesigned menus boards, new signage and a revitalized customer experience.

The result was a dramatic brand makeover that has already significantly increased traffic to both the website and the stores, and overall sales volume.

Click here to experience the MK3 brand relaunch of UFood Grill.


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video/email combo increases donations 360+%

The Family Reach Foundation benefited from a 360% increase in donations from their 2010 Holiday Email Appeal. MK3 updated the campaign this year by redesigning both the email and landing page as well as incorporating video in each design. The video illustrated the heart-warming story of Raquel and her son Mikalo, one of the many families touched by the Foundation. MK3 produced the video for Family Reach for a fundraising event last fall which the foundation was then able to re-purpose for this campaign.

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