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The Power of Internal Videos

We typically focus our corporate communication efforts on external audiences – customers, prospects, analysts, the media. But what about that all-important audience – our own employees? What, and how, do we communicate with them? An email perhaps? A webcast town meeting? Heaven help us, a printed memorandum? Why not use the same impactful media, and regularity of contact, that we apply to our external audience?

Some companies do. At MK3, we see companies starting to leverage the power of quality video in regular communications with their own workforce. Hearing directly from company leadership, in this personal and dynamic way, can be a very effective means to convey critical information. We’ve seen internally facing videos used to:

  • Share quarterly or semi-annual performance results
  • Introduce a new member of the senior leadership team
  • Introduce a new public product or service
  • Introduce a new employee benefit, program or resource (e.g. that new intranet)
  • Share company values
  • Share a major company success
  • Introduce a new organizational structure

And these videos not only convey information; they provide a host of ancillary benefits to the organization:

  • Create a personal connection between leadership and employees
  • Demonstrate leadership’s care and respect for employees
  • Foster a sense of company esprit and pride
  • Inspire the team
  • Explain and contextualize important, complex information
  • Strengthen the sense of company loyalty and belonging

These videos can be long or short, but it’s important that they be high quality. And it’s important that they happen with some regularity. Why not leverage the most popular medium of our time not only for buyers and influencers, but also for our most valuable asset – our own employees! Forward-thinking companies are recognizing that there’s a powerful opportunity in internal videos.

By Mo Effron, VP of Strategy & Interactive

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Collettey’s Cookies

“Come to me with solutions, not just problems.” This is something I tell my team all the time. In our business, and our world, we encounter problems every day, but the question is – what do we do with the problems we encounter?

The story of Collette Divitto and Collettey’s Cookies is an inspiring example of turning problems into solutions, rather than focusing on the problem.

After graduating from a LIFE program at Clemson University, Collette spent three years trying to find a job. Interview after interview, she was told, “We enjoyed meeting you Collette, but we don’t think you’re a good fit for our company right now.”

Collette was born with Down Syndrome, and each organization she interviewed with saw her disability as a problem.   However, Collette saw a solution. She decided to focus her time, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for baking on her business Collettey’s Cookies.

“I was not only determined to show everyone how capable people with (dis)abilities are, but my mission is to open production facilities across the country and employ thousands of (dis)abled people! ONLY 17.5% of people with disabilities were employed in 2015. Most people with disabilities live on poverty level.” – Collette Divitto

Since the inception of Collettey’s Cookies, Collette has sold 50,000 cookies (and counting!) She has now hired two other people with disabilities, and she sells her cookies across eastern Massachusetts and in Santa Monica, CA. And, she now has a customer in Charlestown, MA. (MK3 has ordered our first batch!)

We don’t all face the same challenges as Collette, but every day we face problems large and small. And when problems arise here at MK3, we try to embrace Collette’s attitude. We don’t let bumps in the road get in our way. We get creative and come to the table with solutions. Just like Collette.

By Joel Kaplan, Principal

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And the winner is…

MK3 Creative has been recognized with an award for Creative Excellence by NEDMA, the New England Direct Marketing Association, for our collaboration with Santander Bank. Congratulations to Creative Director Mark DiTondo and the MK3 team for their great work on our award-winning Santander HR Video Series.

Check out the online video series here, and learn “How to Santander”!

MK3 Creative NEDMA Awards Santander Image

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The MK3/Heritage Story

Heritage Plumbing had a modest beginning with two brothers and a pickup truck. Now, twenty years later, they are a regionally recognized brand employing 90 individuals and driving 55 trucks.

What is the key to their success? Their dogged focus on being “the very best service provider with the happiest customers.”

MK3 Creative was welcomed into the family business about a year ago, to assist Heritage in naming their key differentiators. What services are they providing that their customers considered the best?   How is it they have been keeping their customers happy? Three key words rose to the top: cleanliness, expertise, and convenience.

From these, it was difficult to choose only one to take to the “airwaves.” After much thought, they decided that all three were essential to who they were as Heritage. The team jumped all in, deciding to create three thirty-second commercial spots.

Here’s how MK3 and Heritage highlighted “cleanliness,” “expertise,” and “convenience”!

By Joel Kaplan, Principal

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Embrace the Box

The Box

Think outside the box.
Meh.  Enough about the box already.
For years, “think outside the box” has been the measuring stick/mantra of creativity.  It’s become a catch phrase, a meme, and ultimately, meaningless.

But then again, I’ve never felt it held any meaning at all.  It’s easy to be creative with no real world boundaries.  It’s harder to light the idea bulb in the pitch black that only a box can create.  Close that cardboard up with industrial strength packing tape and Houdini your way around in there.  That’s creativity.

And by the way, there’s always a box.  Budgets, print ad space, commercial running time, and corporate brand standards – they all box you in, or out.  Only the Rolling Stones always get what they want.  The rest of us need to work with “what we got.”

So, don’t try to excite or impress me when you offer, dare, or demand that we “think outside the box.”  Show me someone who can hop in the box and stick his or her creative elbows out – that impresses me.

Bring us your boxes, large and small.  You’ll be amazed at what we can do with a little corrugated cardboard.

By Jonathan Markella, Executive Creative Director

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This is How You Santander!

Santander Bank just released a series of videos created and produced by MK3. The goal is to attract good candidates for new positions in the bank’s consumer and business banking divisions.

From branch managers to financial consultants, Santander and MK3 worked together on the description of multiple jobs within the bank.

From concept to execution, MK3 is proud of this recruiting effort to help attract the region’s top talent to Santander Bank.

Take a look at the link to explore all of Santander’s consumer and business banking jobs and as the bank says….This is how you Santander!



By Ted Wayman, VP Sales

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MK3 welcomes Artem Kurenkov!

The pursuit of excellence never ends at MK3. We’ve searched far and wide to add to our award-winning team and we are excited to introduce you to our newest Senior Motion Designer, Artem Kurenkov, all the way from Moscow, Russia!

Artem is an internationally acclaimed motion graphic designer and art director whose expertise has earned widespread recognition and acclaim in the industry.  He has made significant original contributions to the arts through his creative design work in multimedia, video, advertising and commercial projects, and his work has featured in prominent publications, trade journals, and international television and web advertising campaigns.

In addition to working on projects for important brands such as FOX, the United Nations, and Russia Today TV, Artem has also presented lectures, seminars and master classes for organizations like Moscow State University and Microsoft Windows Design Camp. In 2010, the leading design institution in Russia, British Higher School of Art and Design, commissioned him to develop a two-year motion design continuing education course for its subsidiary Screamschool. He conceptualized, developed and executed the first and only motion graphics design continuing education program in Russia. Artem has even been invited by PromaxBDA, the internationally renowned association of professionals in marketing of television and video content, to serve as a judge in the annual broadcast design competitions.  The PromaxBDA Award is the most prestigious award in the international broadcast design industry.

 But wait, there’s more…!

Artem has also received numerous prestigious professional awards and recognitions, including:

  • 2008 Promax/BDA World Gold, Gold Award for Art Direction and Design, Interstitial: 7TV On-Air Clock;
  • 2008 Promax/BDA World Gold, Finalist for Self Promotion/Show Reel/Company Image: 7TV Showreel;
  • TEFI 2008 (Russian Television Academy Awards), Finalist for the Best Overall Channel Design (Branding): 7TV Channel;
  • 2011 Omni Intermedia Award
    BRONZE ID’s RTD Channel
  • 2009 Promax/BDA World Gold
    BRONZE Typography for print: MUZ-TV Thematic Calendar

We could go on, but we’d rather have you check out his reel and see for yourself why we’re so excited!

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How To Create a High-End Looking News Set with a Small Budget

No big deal, people have been doing chroma key news sets for years; but how do you make an expensive-looking one without spending much money? First, we started with a couple of real-looking set elements and placed them in the background so the set would have layers and depth. Adding nice lighting and a bunch of reflections made it look posh.

Next, we created a CGI glass-top desk with matching perspective, lighting and reflections.  The trick to selling the CGI desk was making the hands look like they were reflecting on the desktop. A $50 piece of plexiglass with black cloth behind it did the trick.

In post, we combined the real-life reflection with the 3D desk. Since the three elements (background, anchor and desk) are each separate elements, we could do camera dolly shots and keep everything in proper perspective. Important since the camera moves make it look slick. All in all, our client was happy to say goodbye to spending a lot of money on a news set.

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“Meet Tim.”

Creative people have many virtues – intelligence, energy, playfulness as well as discipline, imagination and exceptional passion – patience, however, is not usually one of them. That’s why Signiant was eager to introduce a personal version of MediaShuttle, their high-speed file transfer software for media professionals. These professionals rely heavily on media transfer technology and require it to be simultaneously quick, easy and reliable. Similar expectations were placed on MK3 when Signiant approached us with only two months until the launch of the new version of the MediaShuttle software, looking for both strategic and creative guidance to get their new product off to a fast start.

To develop a new position for the product, we first rebuilt the MediaShuttle product pages on Signiant’s corporate website, adapting the product voice and messaging to give it an edge that appeals to media professionals – a notoriously discerning audience. We then supplemented those product pages with an unusual introductory video, knowing that presenting information in a captivating and unique way, while always important, was especially necessary for this video-savvy audience.

The video brings the MediaShuttle software to life with a distinctive, modern tone that animates its technical features with a live actor – Tim – and uses a very non-corporate voice. Through the humor and attitude of this free-wheeling video, we highlighted the three primary benefits of the MediaShuttle software: speed, security and simplicity.

Our team at MK3 was thrilled with the final results, and so were our creative counterparts at Signiant. In only two months, we helped Signiant create their online launch strategy, designed and wrote copy for the new MediaShuttle web pages and free product trial, and conceived and delivered a singular product identity video. Together, Signiant and MK3 made great collaborative partners, willing to take a more off-beat approach to turn a professional tool into something remarkable.

Click HERE to see Signiant MediaShuttle’s web page (and don’t forget to check out the video on the landing page while you’re there!).

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discover the value of video

Getting people’s attention on the web isn’t easy.  Keeping it is even harder.  Let MK3’s video storytelling help you open eyes, turn heads, and change minds.

Value of Video from MK3 Creative on Vimeo.

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