there’s no place like the office

After years of working at your kitchen table, on your couch or in your spare bedroom, many businesses are transitioning from remote working to hybrid and in-person office work. And as “scary” as that may sound, it could also be a great opportunity to rebrand, redefine and reinvent your office “ambience.” The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our perception of what our work environment can and should be – perhaps forever – so now is a great time to refresh your workplace, improve morale and help everyone adjust to the adjustment after the adjustment. 

Updating your office’s interior design is an easy place to start. Giving the place a literal and figurative “new coat of paint” can help welcome returning colleagues and employees. Breathe new life into your workspace by introducing greenery. Bringing in plants or refreshing the ones you have can be a great first step, and colorful succulents are a low maintenance way to brighten up the office. 

Energize your team by planning events like themed group lunches or office breaks and outings. Bringing people together at work for something other than work always boosts camaraderie, and nothing makes people happier than free food. Planning outdoor or out-of-office activities introduces new ways to reduce stress and learn more about each other in ways that work doesn’t always allow. 

Good work starts with a good work environment. It helps make everyone feel more comfortable and confident with themselves and each other. And while a bustling workplace reintroduces the distractions that go along with it (office chatter, ringing phones, hallway interruptions), when it comes to getting work done, nothing beats an energized and enthusiastic workforce.


Jackson Megar