Happy Earth Day!

As we focus on keeping our planet clean and sustainable, let’s not forget the amazing work being done right here in the Boston area. Thompson Island, one of 34 islands and peninsulas in the Boston Harbor, has been a hub for educational and environmental programs since the 19th century.

Boston is a unique city that offers a variety of natural sanctuaries to explore, and as a part of our ongoing community involvement efforts, MK3 is hosting a community service day in August to help with Thompson Island Outward Bound’s cleanup efforts! When it comes to empowering and educating our next generation, it’s important to encourage the island’s educational programs designed to help area children find their own path to success.

We’re excited to support Thompson Island Outward Bound’s historic mission and help ensure its ongoing learning opportunities.


Haley Noviello

MK3 & The Embrace

MK3 played a crucial role in the production of The Embrace unveiling on Boston Common! The Embrace is a sculpture dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King. The two first met in Boston while in college and spent many formative years here, including leading Boston’s first civil rights march from Roxbury to Boston Common. The sculpture recognizes not only King’s legacy but also a number of Boston’s civil rights leaders throughout history. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the production and hear from Joel, Alexandria and Mark on this historic event!

Joel Kaplan