Banks get it.

Storytelling has changed. And banks get it.

When it comes to reaching and retaining internal and external audiences, banks understand the power of video storytelling.

Two of our best clients, Bank of America and Santander, know just how engaging video can be. They know that video captures attention better than white papers and brochures, because people expect it – they consume video all day long. Snack-able video is the food of choice for both baby boomers and millennials, and at the end of the day, people will watch more video than they will read.

Santander is now ramping up their video production for brand and corporate messaging initiatives. From internal sales training, to consumer overdraft policies and HR recruitment videos, Santander has shifted its resources and energies to video. Internally and externally, video is becoming Santander’s storytelling platform of choice.

Bank of America may be the current “king” of financial services video, and if you’re a Bank of America customer, chances are you already know that. Yes, you’ll see their thirty second TV spots during the Superbowl or throughout Major League Baseball broadcasts, but those pale in comparison to their commitment to online video communication. Each year, Bank of America produces (with the help of MK3) over 250 internal and external videos, targeted at those who work for, or bank at, Bank of America.

From depositing a check with your phone to transferring money to your kid’s account…there’s a “how to” video for that, two minutes in length and on their website. Pay a bill. Send money. Get an alert. It’s now on video and there are more coming to a screen near you.

Video works, and the financial services industry understands this better than most. If you’re looking for your message to make an impact, look no further than video…or your local, neighborhood bank.

Because banks get it.

To view a ‘how to’ videos created by us check out:

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Mo Effron
Marketing Strategy Consultant