Careful, Mindful and Resourceful. The Small Business Story.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone, everywhere. It’s a public health emergency, an economic reality, and it’s affecting companies large and small. The impact on small businesses, however, is unique. Normally, their size is an asset, allowing for a nimble and cost-effective approach to the marketplace. However, during an economic slowdown like we’re experiencing now, small businesses can’t always absorb the impact the way larger ones can.

That’s why small businesses everywhere are being careful, mindful, and more resourceful than ever. Companies who can work remotely are doing just that, and relying on kitchen tables, makeshift home offices and video conferencing to conduct “business as usual”. And here at MK3, it’s fairly usual.

While social distancing has made it difficult to produce video shoots for our clients, many creative approaches don’t require live action shooting (Motion Graphics! Stock Footage! Both!), and our post-production capabilities are as busy as ever. Brainstorming, scriptwriting, voiceover recording, editing of existing or stock footage, audio mixing, and the design and animation of motion graphics are all the ingredients of a great video, and can all be done remotely.

Small businesses are also getting creative on keeping the team “together”. Shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration, office drive-bys, and cubicle camaraderie are all quarantined. What are we replacing them with? Here at MK3, we’re video conferencing our regular Monday morning meetings, and scheduling mid-week and end-of-week video check-in calls as well.

In addition, we hold daily “water cooler” video calls – optional and open – for folks to check-in and chat about anything work or non-work related…replacing the valuable “what did you watch on TV last night?” lunch banter that we’re all missing. And all of this is over and above the as-needed phone and video calls that are driven by our on-going projects.

Surviving and thriving in this challenging environment means we all have to be more careful, mindful and resourceful. Small businesses are making the best of it and making news! Check out this story from WCVB-TV, featuring MK3! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay busy!

Jenn Brown
Senior Producer