How To Improve Your Public Speaking… Even if you are a dork.

It’s rare to find a public speaker with terrific content and a performance like a great actor in a great movie. However, there are many things a public speaker can do to improve their performance.
The biggest is to not impart just information but to tell a story. Many speakers try to emulate other speakers and that’s OK but its best to be you and tell a story about your product, service or epiphany. Tell them how you came up with the idea, why it’s important and what’s in it for them. If the audience understands the “why” they will more likely remember your story. Facts and figures are good if they help back up a story.
Next is performance… a joke is good if it is relative to the main story you are telling. A joke for a jokes sake is not good. What I mean by being yourself is talk to them the way you talk to friends and family. People will like the real you, even if you are dork. Dorks are fun to watch.

Check out the other speaker tips- Speaker Coaching Suggestions.

Try them, I promise you will see a difference.

Adam Marx is a Director and Speaker Coach at MK3. He has directed TV shows on all the major networks. His clients include Bank of America, Fidelity Investments and Liberty Mutual. Learn more about Adam, and MK3 at

Getting to Why

To move people, describing what your product or service does, or how it does it, is not enough. You have to get to why it matters. We recently helped a drug company organize their first national sales meeting to launch a new drug to treat ADHD. Among the many creative elements we needed to develop (e.g. speeches, videos, PowerPoint templates), first and foremost was a theme for the event.

Now we’re all familiar with the typical rah-rah sales meeting themes designed to incent salesreps to “Go Beyond” or “Reach For The Stars.” And certainly one goal of any sales meeting is to energize and inspire attendees to make a dent in the marketplace. But finding a message that is specific to the products or services to be sold, and to the mission of the company, demands more than clichés. To be real, it needs to speak to what’s in it for the customer, for the salesrep, and for the company.

One of the best places to start is with a personal story. We asked the CEO why this drug mattered. He explained its unique features and the existing market gaps it filled. Then we asked him why it mattered to him. He told us that his teenage children had close friends struggling with ADHD. He knew those kids well, and saw first-hand their daily battle for stability, focus and acceptance. He knew the toll the illness took on their families as well. He believed this new drug could make their daily lives better.

That promise resonated with the drug’s essential action: a time-release formula that better balanced the child’s experience every day. And together, the company and its reps could bring this better day to the ADHD community, and in so doing create a bright future for themselves as well.

“Building a Better Day.” Not just another sales cheer, but an aspirational statement that asserts the goal for the salesreps, the opportunity for ADHD sufferers, the mission of the company and the nature of the drug. It all starts with a story that tells us why, not simply what or how.

MK3 heads downtown

A few members of the MK3 team got to take a look at Boston from the 35th floor of the State Street building today. It was a great view and another successful day behind the lens!

MK3 is seeking a new Marketing Intern!


MK3 is an idea-driven, unapologetically original marketing agency that specializes in turning facts and feelings into great stories.  We combine the storytelling ability of an ad agency with the in-house capabilities of a production company, providing a seamless transition from concept to completion. Our company is sized to match expertise with execution, creating collaborative teams that are talented and lean, made up of only the people who do the work.


At MK3, we like our interns to get hands-on experience in the marketing and production industry. We strive to give interns the opportunity to grow and learn under the guidance of senior-level mentors. Our interns are integral to our company, working side-by-side with the creative and project management teams to complete multi-media projects.

We are looking for current undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional communication and organizational skills. Ideal candidates will be confident in tackling multiple projects and will possess the ability to multi-task and prioritize work.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A keen sense of curiosity
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Confidence to take initiative on projects
  • Proficiency with Mac and Windows
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms
  • Must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student
  • Video production experience is a plus.


Please note that this internship is unpaid. All candidates must be eligible to receive school credit.

If you think MK3’s internship program sounds like a perfect fit, please email a cover letter and resume to Amanda Haselton at

Creativity is encouraged!


MK3 touches down in Mexico!

Sand between the toes, mid-winter tan lines, and relaxing afternoons; much of the MK3 team traveled to sunny Cancun Mexico this past weekend to celebrate another great year!

Keep your eyes on the sky….

MK3 just purchased a new drone equipped with a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition video camera! Check out these pictures of Jarin and Adam taking it for a test drive…or fly?

We can now use the drone for client projects to capture truly unique footage!

SHI Global Sales Conference

Last week part of the MK3 team were in beautiful Orlando, Florida to produce the SHI Global Sales Conference. We’d like to give a special thanks to our neighbors at Castle Group who organized the event!

MK3: We’re a hybrid

Here at MK3 we combine the strategy, creative, and production aspects of an agency with the video shooting, editing, and motion design capabilities of a production company.