Defining Creativity: An Intern’s Perspective

As a Visual & Media Arts Student at Emerson College I have grown accustomed to describing my future career in vague terms. Phrases from “Media Maker” to “Storyteller” smatter both my vocabulary and LinkedIn profile. Creativity is a difficult thing to define on a resume.

When I articulate what inspires me, however, there is nothing unclear about it. I have a passion for learning about people and forging connections through stories. MK3 Creative is a place where my idealistic motives find a real world platform. The company claims that they are a place where “strategy drives story,” and I am hopeful that interning with the MK3 team this spring will allow me to see my skills transferred to a professional setting.

With the MK3 team I will have the opportunity to engage with clients including Bank of America, Santander, and Fuze and move me beyond the vague buzzwords.

MK3 occupies a unique space between film and marketing, and as this spring unfolds I will document my perception of how these fields mesh. Is the work grounded in human experiences? How are messages made meaningful? Finally, how is the value of creativity measured?

Already I can tell that MK3 is run on equal parts imagination and deliberation. It’s an engaging environment to be a part of and I can’t wait to find the answers to all of my questions.

Emilia is a sophomore at Emerson College where she is studying Visual & Media Arts.

Mo Effron
Marketing Strategy Consultant