How To Improve Your Public Speaking… Even if you are a dork.

It’s rare to find a public speaker with terrific content and a performance like a great actor in a great movie. However, there are many things a public speaker can do to improve their performance.
The biggest is to not impart just information but to tell a story. Many speakers try to emulate other speakers and that’s OK but its best to be you and tell a story about your product, service or epiphany. Tell them how you came up with the idea, why it’s important and what’s in it for them. If the audience understands the “why” they will more likely remember your story. Facts and figures are good if they help back up a story.
Next is performance… a joke is good if it is relative to the main story you are telling. A joke for a jokes sake is not good. What I mean by being yourself is talk to them the way you talk to friends and family. People will like the real you, even if you are dork. Dorks are fun to watch.

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Try them, I promise you will see a difference.

Adam Marx is a Director and Speaker Coach at MK3. He has directed TV shows on all the major networks. His clients include Bank of America, Fidelity Investments and Liberty Mutual. Learn more about Adam, and MK3 at

Mo Effron
Marketing Strategy Consultant