MK3 Tips: Building Your Brand with LinkedIn

Information overload.
It’s a thing. And when it comes to building your brand, it’s hard to know where to begin. LinkedIn could be a great place to start, with tools to help you spread the word while engaging with your industry community – and the best part, it’s free! Here are a few tips to fully engage your LinkedIn account.

Make a good first impression

You know what they say about “first impressions”…you don’t get a second one. Your LinkedIn profile acts as a landing page, and when expanding your network, it’s often the first thing people will see. Make sure to add a cover image, profile picture, and bio so visitors can understand what your brand represents. The easier you make it for people to learn about you the better!

Put your name out there

Sharing thought leadership articles and company accomplishments are a great way to spread your name and reflect your brand’s personality, culture and ideals. Encourage your team to share relevant articles for more brand exposure, which is sure to generate more clicks, name recognition and page traffic.

Join groups

With over 690 million users, LinkedIn provides a platform for hundreds of like-minded industry-driven groups to gather and share. Find ones that align with your goals and join them! Spread your name and gain valuable industry insight by engaging with and learning from other brands.

Make your posts pop

A consistent posting schedule has been proven to increase following and engagement, which makes generating engaging content crucial to building your brand and network. Try to post 1-2 times a week – promote your new blog, announce an exciting project! And make sure your posts stand out by including descriptive captions, eye-catching images and hashtags.

Building your brand in today’s digital environment isn’t easy. But there are plenty of quick and easy ways to lay the foundation, and if you want to go beyond LinkedIn to increase your marketing presence, MK3 is here to help! Reach out to 

Jenn Brown
Senior Producer