MK3 Tips: Video Conferencing

No matter how long social and professional norms remain in flux, there are a few new conventions we may continue to enjoy long after distancing becomes a distant memory. Video conferencing has proven itself a great way to work virtually and keep people connected. But just because you’re on video doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain “on guard,” in both how you conduct and present yourself. So here are a few tips to help maintain your professionalism in our new video conferencing world.

Dress Inside the Box

If you’re working from home, it’s okay to be a bit more casual than usual, but looking professional still matters, even if it’s just within your small video frame! You’re usually just a head and shoulders in a box, so dress for success above the belt – and whatever you wear beyond that is up to you!

Location, Location, Location

Before hopping on your call, consider your background. A bookshelf or neat office/living area behind you creates a more professional look. A “lived in” bedroom or kitchen, not so much! Use as much depth behind you as possible so you’re not flattening yourself up against a wall. Make sure your area is well lit, and try to avoid glares on your face. Though natural light is best, never position yourself with windows behind you because you’ll end up backlit and in the dark. Let that sunlight shine on your face instead!

The Eyes Have It

Video conferencing focuses on your face more than any other in-person interaction, so body language, eye contact and facial expressions are everything. There are often more distractions at home than in the office, making overall attentiveness crucial. Avoid eating, playing with your hair or face, looking away or moving around too much, as this can be distracting and indicate that you’re not paying attention.

Things Are Looking Up

Focus on your posture and eye line. After looking down at your computer all day, it’s easy to find yourself slouching…so when it comes time for an important video conference, look up! Position your computer as best you can at eye level – find a box, a stack of books or something stable to raise it up. This gives you a more “eye to eye”  appearance on camera and reinforces better posture and overall positioning. Maintaining a strong posture creates a more professional look and is scientifically proven to give you a confidence boost!

Check your Tech

Video conferencing requires you to be a little more tech savvy…so check your tech in advance! Avoid last minute scrambles by familiarizing yourself with the video platform – ensure it is up to date, take a test drive, and check your connection to make sure it’s strong. Even with strong wifi, the video can still lag, so make sure you speak slowly and enunciate. Speaking too fast or slurring your words can cause people to miss what you’re saying. Take a breath, take it slow, and take on the world!

While these tips are geared towards your company’s internal and external video conferences, they’re also applicable for remote video shoots and virtual event participation! For more info on this, or anything video or virtual, reach out to!

Jenn Brown
Senior Producer