Striking the Right Tone

The Heritage Challenge

There’s no place like home. Especially now, since many of us are housebound. In these days of forced “nesting”, home services are more essential than ever.

And no one knows more than Heritage Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric, a New England-based home services company. During the COVID-19 crisis, their challenge has been two-fold: balancing their commitment to their employees and their customers. How do they stay safe, and still stay open in this time of personal and financial need?

Heritage needed to reach out to their customers but didn’t want to appear as if they were trying to capitalize on a difficult situation. They wanted to communicate their new strict safety precautions, including “contact-free” in-home visits. Given the economic impact of the COVID crisis, they need to offer economic incentives and discounts. And most importantly, they wanted their customers to know “We’re Still Here”.

The MK3 Solution

Heritage had been running a successful recruitment TV ad campaign and still had a bank of broadcast air-time available, so they came to MK3 for help in creating a series of commercials to deliver their unique “We’re Still Here” messaging.

MK3 collaborated with Heritage to ensure the ads not only deliver the right message but strike the right tone. Sending camera crews to record new footage wasn’t possible, due to social distancing concerns, and stock footage and photography felt inauthentic for this campaign.

Heritage wanted to confront the serious nature of the crisis, while creating a caring and thoughtful tone, so MK3 produced a series of text-only commercials backed by a simple white screen. No voice, just words and music. In today’s busy media landscape, the approach not only matched the seriousness of the message, but stood out in its stark simplicity.

Communicating with your audience can be challenging enough. Striking the right tone in a crisis requires thoughtful creativity. Video has always been a powerful communication tool, but like any tool, it’s all in how you use it.


Jenn Brown
Senior Producer