To John, it’s all about framing the story – literally, emotionally, and objectively – and living life through his own creative lens. For over two decades, John has been a Creative Director, Director of Photography, Producer and Writer – and through it all, there’s one thing he’s learned – before he can visualize the creative, he needs to listen to the client so that he can better make their vision his own.

John comes to MK3 from Ventana Productions in Washington DC, where he spent 11 years working as a Director of Photography and Creative Director.

Prior to Ventana, John freelanced in Los Angeles, collaborating on national award-winning productions for ABC, FOX, NBC, HGTV, the History Channel, Discovery, Lifetime and PBS.

A native New Englander, John began his career at Cramer Productions, and over the years applied his visual storytelling approach to corporate brands such as Honeywell, Exxon Mobil, BioGen and Vonage.

John’s desire to “visualize the creative” has taken him all over the world, with some very interesting people finding their way into his frames, including Barack Obama and Sir Paul McCartney, Gene Hackman, J.J. Abrams and Steve Martin.

Career highlights include the Emmy Award-winning “Baby Story”, the Smithsonian Network’s “History of the Vietnam War Memorial” and producing and directing his own documentary “Return to Normandy”.

John lives in Milton Massachusetts with his wife and two children, and in his spare time, he enjoys family events, playing basketball, and strumming his custom designed Fender Stratocaster.