With Jonathan, it all begins with the written word. While the art of storytelling began with primitive cave drawings, as soon as civilized languages were formed, storytelling has been, and will always be, driven by the written word. And that’s why he loves being a writer. It allows him the tools to move and motivate, to enthuse and entertain. But he’s a writer who loves to direct. He’s a creative director who drives design. He has two authentic, personalized Red Sox World Series Rings, and 8 Emmy Awards. And that’s the extent of his interest in hardware.

Jonathan’s interest in marketing and advertising began early on, writing and producing regional television and radio commercials throughout New England. From there, Jonathan spent 18 award-winning years at NESN, a regional sports cable network available in 4 million homes throughout New England. As Director of Creative Services, he was responsible for writing and producing network advertising and marketing for television, radio and print. He led a staff of designers in creating and maintaining the on-air look and identity of the network, from on-screen graphics and animations to set-design, logo development and collateral. His accomplishments at NESN include marketing the network launch from a premium channel to basic cable, writing and co-hosting a comedic classic sports program, transitioning on-air graphics and animation from standard to high definition, and the development and design of the network’s first virtual studio set. Most importantly, as a member of NESN’s executive staff, he was awarded authentic Red Sox World Series rings along with the Red Sox organization, in 2004 and 2007 (viewings available upon request).

Prior to joining MK3 Creative, Jonathan was a Senior Creative Director at Blue Wave Marketing, bringing his fresh and bold writing and visual style to their corporate marketing clientele. He served two terms on the Board of Governors of the New England chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In addition to his Emmy awards, his honors include 15 national Telly Awards, 5 national CTAM Mark Awards, the Silver Microphone Award, and NEBA’s Best of Broadcasting Award. Jonathan graduated with a BS in Communications from Ithaca College. When not working, he’s reading, writing short plays, performing in community theater, playing tennis and enjoying Duxbury Beach.